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Who is Mind Your Business for?
Photographers who are struggling with the business aspects of running a photography studio. Generally these are photographers in their first four years of business who have little to no experience in business administration, accounting, marketing, networking, and client management. These photographers are often overwhelmed at things like pricing or advertising or contracts, and aren’t sure how to get their business to where it needs to be to be truly profitable. They are spending a lot of time and money on their business and don’t feel like they’re getting the kind of return on investment that they want. The workshop is applicable to hobbyists, part timers, and full timers, as well as photographers from every genre (portraits, weddings, boudoir, etc.).

What will we learn?
Here’s a short list of some of the topics we will discuss:

-Fundamentals of starting a business – all the paperwork you need to file and where to get it
-What types of insurance you really need
-Do you really need a lawyer and an accountant? If so, what types, and for what purposes?
-Why do you need a business plan, and what should be in it?
-Defining your target audience to maximize return on investment
-Building your portfolio, even if you can’t book a client
-How to find and book new clients, and make the most out of the clients you already have
-What types of advertising work and what types don’t
-How to set your pricing and create desirable packages
-Sales strategies – making thousands before AND after your sessions
-Contracts, model releases, and other legal documents
-Where and how to get published
-Networking – who you need to know, where to find them, and what they want
-Pitfalls that can destroy a business and how to avoid them
-Maximizing efficiency through outsourcing and improving workflow
-Keeping costs low and profits high
-Is going full time right for you? If so, how do you do it?
-What I wish I knew when I was starting my business

I will send out a detailed survey before the workshop so that I can tailor the topics to the needs of the attendees and make sure that every business-related question is answered effectively. I will also share with you guys some information about my business and the journey I’ve been through.

Will there be any shooting?  Should I bring my camera?
Generally, I prefer not to shoot and to focus on business topics only. I will briefly discuss my workflow and post-processing, as well as some tips for interacting with clients during the portrait session and wedding, but there will be no models and no need for a camera. However, I will be happy to answer shooting-related questions or show some posing examples, if requested, and if your heart is set on it, we can also set up a small mini-shoot at the end of the session.

How much will Mind Your Business cost?
There are several levels of the MYB workshop, each one priced based on time.  Prices start at $250 for a basic consult and range to $1500 for a full weekend intensive including shadowing on a real wedding day.

Contact us for full pricing or for more information!

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