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Monthly Archives: October 2010

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Normally I live in a bubble of good-old-boy Southern weddings, my weekends filled with churches and ballrooms, sweet brides in big poofy white dresses surrounded by fluffy flowers like peonies, garden roses, and hydrangeas.  The fact that I pretty much just described my own wedding should be proof that those types of weddings are anything […]

I love photographing doctors.  I love photographing brides from Lousiana.  I love photographing women with a timeless, classic sense of style.  I love photographing Aggies and brides of Aggies.  So, as Jennifer is all of these things, you can imagine that having her as a client was pretty wonderful from my point of view.  There […]

Jim is kind of a big deal – to me, at least.  In college, Jim served as Student Body President my senior year.  To some of you, being the “SBP” might be meaningless, and at some smaller schools it might indeed be just a figurehead position, but at one of the nation’s largest universities and […]

Recently one of my favorite people and one of the most talented event designers I know, Tara Wilson, asked me to stop by a bridal shower she designed to take a few images of her handiwork. The design was so gorgeous I had to share it here! Every time I work with Tara my jaw […]

Julie is one heck of a cool woman.  She’s beautiful, charming, stylish, fun to be around, kind, smart, all the things you’d want in a wife, friend, and client.  I adore her to pieces, and I was pretty sad when their wedding ended, knowing I wouldn’t be able to photographer her any more.  Here are […]