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Monthly Archives: December 2009

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****CANS FOR COMMENTS ENDS TODAY! I will donate a canned good for every comment left anywhere on this blog in the month of December. Take five seconds and leave a comment to help out those in need!**** Deziree and Jon are getting married TODAY! I am happy to report that this is the only wedding […]

Julie and Colin are fun and beautiful and a blast to hang out with. Julie has a great sense of style, Colin has great taste in engagement rings, and together they’re pretty much ideal clients. I loved getting to explore new territory shooting with them in historic downtown Grapevine, checking out the wine bar where […]

Every year I whine and complain about how awful my birthday is.  I’ll tell just about anyone who will listen how I was completely jipped out of a real birthday, how I always get the shaft when it comes to gifts, and how virtually every birthday I can remember was spent sitting at home watching […]

In the spirit of the holiday season, I’ve decided to offer a scholarship to my Mind Your Business workshop.  If you haven’t heard about the workshop, you can get the full details here, but essentially it’s a one-day workshop focusing on the business aspects of beginning a career in professional photography.  Being able to take […]

I’m so thrilled to finally announce the official grand opening of Racy Steeves Boudoir Photography.  This has been a project many, many months in the making.   I’ve been in the photography business for many years now, but I had always made up my mind that boudoir wasn’t right for me.  I’m fairly conservative, and although […]

Sometimes being a little delayed on my blog postings is a blessing in disguise.. In this case, I’m currently shooting 3-4 sessions a week, and unfortunately, because of the cold weather most of them have a kind of dark, bare, wintery feel to them.  It was such a breath of fresh air to relive Jamie […]

*******As part of the Cans for Comments drive, for every comment left on the blog in the month of December, I will donate a canned good to a local food bank. Please leave a comment and help out those in need!******* I’m fairly sure that if you asked my friends and family who has the […]