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Monthly Archives: February 2008

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For those of you who don’t know him, Jason is pretty much obsessed with Tiffany & Co.  He talks about it constantly, and is always looking at their stuff.  Well, after church on Sunday, Jason and I decided to swing by Tiffany & Co to do a little ring shopping!! Eeeeeeee!! So exciting!!  I have […]

As promised, here is the second half.. I am posting a ton of these because I just couldn’t narrow it down! This one was shot in a little area behind the fire station.. Although it looks pretty, it was filled with bugs, trash, and lots of sharp plants threatening to tear Jena’s dress, but she […]

Jena Rhine is my muse!! Not only is she gorgeous and in great shape, but she is also a fellow photographer, so she completely understands what I am going for when I put her in an unusual pose or in front of a crazy background. She is just as creative and artistic as I am, […]

A little back story on Jena.. When I went to A&M, I was an officer in the Photography Club (shocker, I know) and Jena was a member. Naturally, being two of the only girls in the club, we became fast friends, and have remained that way ever since. Jena and Justin have been dating for […]

A little bit of background info on Drew and Sarah… They are probably the two coolest, most interesting people I know. I have known Drew since my sophomore year of college, and we became close friends while we were involved in several organizations together at A&M. Drew has traveled quite a bit, doing internships in […]