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Monthly Archives: February 2010

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I try really hard not to play favorites with my clients… I’m extremely, EXTREMELY lucky to have some amazing clients that are kind, friendly, understanding, appreciative, and generally awesome in every way.  I’m proud of the fact that I’ve never yet had a bridezilla – knock on wood – and I’m blessed to really enjoy […]

It has been killing me to hold on to this wedding but I’ve been patiently biding my time, keeping these images quiet. Now that I finally have the go ahead from Style Me Pretty (where the pics will be featured this afternoon), I can show them off! Abby & Zach’s wedding was an awesome one […]

It’s always odd to shoot the engagement session of someone you’ve never met… I can’t lie, there are a lot of questions that go through my mind as I drive to the shoot. Will they be supermodel gorgeous, or hideously deformed? Will they be outgoing and zany, or will they be shy and introverted? Will […]

Sommer is my complete kindred spirit, aesthetically speaking. Her style is so romantic, feminine, classic, with just a touch of vintage. Her wedding, which I just shot this past weekend at Butler’s Courtyard near Houston, had some of the most beautiful florals and general decor I’ve ever seen. I wanted to steal all of her […]

So if you’re on Twitter, more than likely you’ve heard about this awesome new website called Formspring.  It’s a simple site that allows people to ask you any question they want, and allows you to respond to them whenever you’ve got time.  It’s a brilliant idea and it’s incredibly useful for photographers, because this way […]

I get asked a lot by my brides, “What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from all the weddings you’ve seen?”  The answer to that would be a pretty close race between two tidbits:  splurge on great lighting, and hire a good coordinator.  It’s unbelievable how much a wedding coordinator can change the tone of a […]

Caroline has been a friend for a long time, and since the day I met her I have always admired her unique beauty and style. Just look at that face! That girl should be a supermodel! I’m a lucky photographer for getting to put her in front of my camera, and especially lucky to be […]