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Pricing is hugely important to me, because it is the basis of how we run our business. In a way, it defines everything about who we are as photographers. It’s also the source of the most frustration for most photographers I know, so in order to help ease that frustration, I have created a pricing guide that contains a process for determining your pricing and packaging in a manner that accounts for cost, taxes, and profit. If you use this method accurately, you will have no problem accounting for your overhead, paying the Tax man his due, and making whatever profit you desire.

Click here to download “The Single Greatest Guide to Wedding Photography Pricing That Ever Was and Ever Will Be.”

If you’ve enjoyed the guide, PLEASE let me know by commenting on this page. I would love to hear how this guide has helped you and your business! Also, feel free to link anyone else who needs help with their pricing to this page. The guide is completely free, and meant to be shared as much as possible!

Bill Millios from Hopeland Studios has kindly put together an awesome spreadsheet to help you through the pricing guide. This is an incredible resource, and best of all, it’s FREE! You can download the spreadsheet here.

****NEW UPDATE****

I recently added a short chapter on how to adapt the advice in the guide to a portrait photography business. Although most of the advice can be applied to any kind of photography studio, there are a few key differences in calculations for photographers who primarily shoot portraits, so I’ve included a bit more information on how to plan for those differences. Enjoy!

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  1. Rebecca Lippiatt said . . .

    I share your guide with new photographers ALL the time. Its the best resource out there!

    Posted April 28, 2016 at 12:07 pm | Permalink

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