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Fellow photographers are always some of my favorite clients to work with. They understand the importance of trusting the photographer they hired and their vision and artistic style, but they also bring their own experience and creativity to their shoot. Lately I’ve been working with other wedding photographers a lot, which is both humbling and […]

Melissa and Philip are pretty much the embodiment of my ideal clients.  They are both gorgeous to look at, incredibly nice, warm, funny, easy to be around, they both have classic and sophisticated style, and most important of all, they are head over heels in love with each other.  There’s a joy that radiates from […]

I do Day After sessions all the time, but I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve done one BEFORE the wedding! Paige and Uy wanted to have a large canvas of themselves in their wedding attire to display at their reception, so we met at the Japanese Gardens in Fort Worth to […]

If there’s any family I’m obsessed with, it has to be the Boatwright family.   You may remember Zach Boatwright from his wedding and Day After session in Paris and Venice, and Autumn Boatwright from her engagements and bridals (her wedding will be featured on Style Me Pretty soon!).   Even some of the Boatwright cousins and […]

I try really hard not to play favorites with my clients… I’m extremely, EXTREMELY lucky to have some amazing clients that are kind, friendly, understanding, appreciative, and generally awesome in every way.  I’m proud of the fact that I’ve never yet had a bridezilla – knock on wood – and I’m blessed to really enjoy […]

This is one of the rare Day After sessions I have done on the actual Day After.. Most of the time, the bride and groom are so exhausted from the session that they simply want to enjoy their first day of marriage relaxing, or heading off to their honeymoon, and we end up doing the […]

I can’t say this enough – I LOVE DAY AFTER SESSIONS! They are easily my favorite thing to photograph.  It is everything I love about bridal sessions, engagement sessions, and weddings all rolled up into one.  I especially love it when a couple as much style and personality as Jenny and Casey.  I could photograph […]