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You know that you’ve been neglecting your blog when a potential client emails to ask if you’re still doing boudoir because you haven’t posted a new session in TWO YEARS!!

Yes, I am still shooting boudoir, and in fact I have been shooting quite a lot of them lately, and thanks to a more relaxed winter wedding schedule, I also finally found the time to update my terribly abandoned boudoir site, Racy Steeves.  I’ve also got a few more posts lined up there for the future, so make sure to add it to your blog reader! Unfortunately it’s too late for Valentine’s Day session, but if you’ve got a birthday or wedding anniversary coming up, or you just want to celebrate your awesome and beautiful self, email me now and schedule a boudoir session of your own.

sexy boudoir portrait photo session at Le Meriedien Hotel in downtown Dallas by Dallas boudoir photographer Stacy Reeves

Head on over to Racy Steeves Dallas Boudoir Photography to check out more of Miss J’s session!

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