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Alma & Kelly at River Legacy Park

It’s always odd to shoot the engagement session of someone you’ve never met… I can’t lie, there are a lot of questions that go through my mind as I drive to the shoot. Will they be supermodel gorgeous, or hideously deformed? Will they be outgoing and zany, or will they be shy and introverted? Will […]

Jamie & Garrett’s Houston engagement session

Sometimes being a little delayed on my blog postings is a blessing in disguise.. In this case, I’m currently shooting 3-4 sessions a week, and unfortunately, because of the cold weather most of them have a kind of dark, bare, wintery feel to them.  It was such a breath of fresh air to relive Jamie […]

Lisa and Grant’s Wal-Mart Engagement Session

It’s pretty much common sense for any business person to never do business with their friends and family.. Well, apparently I didn’t get that memo because my favorite weddings to shoot are the ones I do for people I have known for years.  It seems like the photos come out so much better when you […]

Courtney and Brian are f-f-freezing

Courtney and Brian are SERIOUS troopers for braving the bitter Dallas winter to hang out with me in historic downtown Plano.  The weather was about as disgusting as it could get – overcast, windy, and freezing cold – but I don’t think that is evident at all from the photos below.  We had a great […]

Darby and Mark are experimental

I was starting to think that the weather gods had it out for Darby and Mark.. It seemed that every time we set a date for their engagement session, some sort of bad weather would pop up and force us to reschedule. Then the weather really took a turn for the worse, with strong winds, […]