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Alma & Kelly at River Legacy Park

It’s always odd to shoot the engagement session of someone you’ve never met… I can’t lie, there are a lot of questions that go through my mind as I drive to the shoot. Will they be supermodel gorgeous, or hideously deformed? Will they be outgoing and zany, or will they be shy and introverted? Will […]

Abby’s rustic couture bridals

I love the title of this post, because I feel like it fits Abby perfectly. If I had to describe Abby’s style in two words, it would be “rustic couture.” On the surface, Abby is a typical Texas country girl. She owns a horse, she wears her cowboy boots regularly, she attended a university known […]

Jaclyn and Mark’s Day After Session

Okay, so it’s sort of a Day Of Session.. Since Mark and Jaclyn’s wedding ended fairly early in the day, we went ahead and did part of their Day After session as soon as the reception ended. It happened to fall at the perfect time of day, just before sunset, where the light is the […]