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T4B – Tips For Brides – Coordinators

I get asked a lot by my brides, “What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from all the weddings you’ve seen?”  The answer to that would be a pretty close race between two tidbits:  splurge on great lighting, and hire a good coordinator.  It’s unbelievable how much a wedding coordinator can change the tone of a […]

Leah’s Woodlands Bridals, part 2 / T4B: Headpieces!

I have a terrible habit of collecting lots of bridal accessories.. Over the years I have had tons of veils, wraps, boleros, fake bouquets, even cake toppers.. But the one thing I absolutely cannot stop collecting is headpieces.  There’s just something about an outrageous hair accessories that I adore!  I have a massive box filled […]

Tips for Brides – Straps & Wraps

This past weekend I was helping my sister shop for her wedding dress, and we were amazed at just how few non-strapless dresses there were out there.  It seemed like the only dresses with straps were either extremely simple, or just plain old-looking.  I know that many women aren’t that comfortable showing all that skin […]

T4B – Hiring a Second Shooter

Tips for Brides (T4B) is a regular feature where I talk about a cool tip that I think will benefit brides everywhere. For more tips, click here! To continue in my series of educating brides, I want to talk a little bit about the benefits of having a second shooter. For me, it’s a crucial […]

T4P – What’s in My Bag

Lately I have received a lot of questions about what kind of gear I use, so I figured it was about time for an updated What’s in My Bag post! When I’m shooting, I always carry the same gear on me: Shootsac or Kelly Moore Bag Canon 5D Mark III Canon 50 f1.2L (stays on […]

T4B – Custom Tailored Suits

Tips for Brides (T4B) is a weekly feature where I talk about a cool tip that I think will benefit brides everywhere. For more T4Bs, click here! Although not everyone does this, at many of my weddings the bride and groom choose to give each other special gifts to commemorate the wedding day. For bride’s […]

T4B – The “Grand Exit”

The “Grand Exit” is essentially the time when the reception has come to a close, and the guests line up outside to wish them well on their honeymoon and life to come, usually symbolizing their goodwill in the form of throwing something at their faces, such as rose petals or confetti. I have seen a […]