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Caroline and Aaron’s Newlywed Day After Session

Fellow photographers are always some of my favorite clients to work with. They understand the importance of trusting the photographerView full post »

Melissa & Philip’s Day After Session

Melissa and Philip are pretty much the embodiment of my ideal clients.  They are both gorgeous to look at, incredibly nice, warm, funny,View full post »

Paige and Uy at the Fort Worth Japanese Gardens

I do Day After sessions all the time, but I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve done one BEFORE the wedding! Paige and UyView full post »

Jashley & Grant’s Medieval Day After Session

If there’s any family I’m obsessed with, it has to be the Boatwright family.   You may remember Zach Boatwright from hisView full post »

Abby & Zach’s European Day After Sessions

I try really hard not to play favorites with my clients… I’m extremely, EXTREMELY lucky to have some amazing clients that areView full post »

Rebecca and Erik’s Stylish Southern Day After session

This is one of the rare Day After sessions I have done on the actual Day After.. Most of the time, the bride and groom are so exhaustedView full post »

Jenny and Casey’s rustic Day After session

I can’t say this enough – I LOVE DAY AFTER SESSIONS! They are easily my favorite thing to photograph.  It is everything IView full post »

Jaclyn and Mark’s Day After Session

Okay, so it’s sort of a Day Of Session.. Since Mark and Jaclyn’s wedding ended fairly early in the day, we went ahead and didView full post »

Sizzlin’ Destination Day After

Dear Nikole and Chris’ parents, If seeing steamy, sexy, awesomely hot photos of your two little darlings makes you uncomfortable&#View full post »

Destination Day After Session!

I love, love love love, LOVE, loooooooooooooooooooooove, L O V E, love Day After sessions. I cannot express enough how much I love themView full post »