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Tips for Brides (T4B) is a weekly feature where I talk about a cool tip that I think will benefit brides everywhere. For more T4Bs, click here!

This week’s Tip for Brides is about how to make your wedding more earth-friendly. There are lots of fantastic articles out there on this subject already, but here are a few of my favorite suggestions:

-If you want to have a “grand exit” as you leave your ceremony or reception, instead of using something that will add to the world’s trash, pick something biodegradable, such as Ecofetti, or even the old standby, birdseed!

-Instead of having guests bring you fancy pots and dishes, have them purchase their own Carbon Offset to make up for the pollution and waste they caused by traveling to your wedding.

-Purchase a hemp silk wedding gown or have your own custom-made from environmentally sustainable/biodegradable fabrics.

-Plan an ecologically responsible honeymoon and use low-polluting methods of transportation, stay in ecolodges, share transportation with other travelers, and learn about areas of the world in need of ecological help.

-Use locally-made or organic favors and flowers.

-Have your photos printed on recycled photo paper or choose an album company that uses recycled materials.

I know that being ecologically friendly is very hip and “in” right now, but hopefully being earth conscious will transcend being a fad and actually become a lifestyle for everyone. Your wedding can be just as beautiful and perfect while still being good (or at least less bad) for our planet! :)

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