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****CANS FOR COMMENTS ENDS TODAY! I will donate a canned good for every comment left anywhere on this blog in the month of December. Take five seconds and leave a comment to help out those in need!**** Deziree and Jon are getting married TODAY! I am happy to report that this is the only wedding […]

Julie and Colin are fun and beautiful and a blast to hang out with. Julie has a great sense of style, Colin has great taste in engagement rings, and together they’re pretty much ideal clients. I loved getting to explore new territory shooting with them in historic downtown Grapevine, checking out the wine bar where […]

Sometimes being a little delayed on my blog postings is a blessing in disguise.. In this case, I’m currently shooting 3-4 sessions a week, and unfortunately, because of the cold weather most of them have a kind of dark, bare, wintery feel to them.  It was such a breath of fresh air to relive Jamie […]

Thanksgiving in my world is about three things:  food, family, and football.  Every year we all gather together and feast on a buffet of turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, stuffing, hominy, cranberry sauce, and warm fresh rolls.  After we stuff ourselves, we waddle over to the couch and flop down to sleep off the tryptophan and […]

My post today serves three unique purposes.  First of all, it gives all of you a chance to meet my one and only sibling, my big sister Candy.  Candy was the oldest of all the cousins, so for several years she ruled the roost as the center of attention not only with our parents but […]

The Marie Gabrielle is one of the my absolute favorite places to shoot, October is my favorite time of the year to shoot, and nice people are my favorite kind of people to shoot, so you can imagine how excited I am for the wedding of Christina and John (two uber-nice people) at the Marie […]

Simon and Autumn have one of the coolest how-we-met stories I’ve ever heard. Simon, who is British, is an amazing tennis player and played at an international level in college. Autumn, on the other hand, is a tennis fan herself, and was in an organization at Texas A&M called the Thirty Loves, an athletic support […]