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Alright, so I have an embarrassing confession to make.. I photographed Ashleigh and Dave’s wedding a couple of weeks ago.  I sent them their proofs the other day, but I’m only just now getting to blogging their engagement session.. I am so behind!!  I warned my friends and family that June/July/August would be a crazy […]

It’s pretty much common sense for any business person to never do business with their friends and family.. Well, apparently I didn’t get that memo because my favorite weddings to shoot are the ones I do for people I have known for years.  It seems like the photos come out so much better when you […]

Leah and Bryan are quickly on their way to becoming some of my favorite clients of all time.  Not only are they just nice, friendly people (which seems to be a trend among my clients – I’m a lucky woman!), but they’re also up for trying anything, which is a photographer’s dream.  They allowed me […]

Wow, this session has a lot of backstory to it…  Be forewarned, I’m about to get really mushy here. Brittani and Corey Oliver have a very special place in my heart.  Brittani was my college roommate and best friend throughout college.  She was always a source of inspiration to me – from her great fashion […]

I’m pretty sure when I told Stephanie and Tim that I wanted to shoot their engagement session at a shopping mall and an old field, they were definitely second guessing their choice of photographer for their engagement session. Luckily, they stuck with me and my crazy location ideas, and it definitely, DEFINITELY paid off for […]

Lilly and Brad are definitely two of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. They are attractive, stylish, trendy, and naturally comfortable in front of the camera. There’s just something so inherently sexy about them when they get together, it’s like they just “fit.” Their engagement session at the Dallas Arboretum is one of my […]

Carrie is one of those people whose voice is magically contagious.. You really can’t talk to her on the phone without bursting into a smile.  She’s so bubbly and full of life, and the happiness she gives off spreads like wildfire.  Thus, it doesn’t surprise me at all that her fiance Jim and her daughter […]